29/10/2021 17:00

Hall of the Cultural centre Sombor

Honoring the tenth anniversary of the death of our famed pianist, professor, founder of Sombor Music Evenings.

On the tenth anniversary of the founding of SOMUS, festival which sprouted on the foundations of it’s older brother, Sombor Music Evenings, we wish to honor and thank Dušan Trbojević, founder of Sombor Music Evenings, who died ten years ago.

Pianist, professor, composer and originator of festival events, not only in Sombor, but in the ex-Yugoslavia, he gave a huge contribution to the promotion of classical music through his educational activities.

On this event there will be a promotion of the book of Dušan Trbojević “Moja muzička kazivanja”, which is issued  by Faculty of Music Arts in Belgrade and redacted by Dragoljub Šobajić. At the same time we will showcase video footage from the archives of RTS (Radio Television of Serbia) and present an exibition of photographs and documents from the archives of the City of Sombor, showing the involvement of professor Trbojević within Sombor Music Evenings.


prof. dr Gordana Karan

prof. dr Snežana Nikolajević

prof. dr Dubravka Jovičić

prof. dr um. Biljana Gorunović